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I am so very terrible at checking in on DA and I will try to do better about posting here! My main places to contact are Furaffinity and Twitter!

I just got back from FAU! (I am con chair for that con so it sucked up a LOT of my time) so its back to work for me!
I am so terrible about updating my DA and I'm sorry for that!

Hope to see you guys at Bronycon!

30 ponies pictures, 30 days, 30 dollars each :D

Goal is to post one pony a day for a month (weekends may or may not get posts, I try to take at least one day off)

I can do show characters, OCs, or if you don't have a pony I can either turn your character into one or help you make one! One or two characters per image MAX and its $30 PER pony

These are supposed to be quick and fun so no WIPs but if I mess up markings/colors I will gladly change but for the most part what you see is what you get! Feel free to suggest poses or interests for me to work off of though :)

Can be clean or NSFW but please let me know what you expect ahead of time! Payment is expected before I start work on your image.


Seems I only ever update here for Bronycon :P

ANYWAY! I will be at booth 620 if any of you wanna say hey! 8D Got lots of cool stoof!
First of all...everything was going wrong from the start. My Dad and I were doing Bronycon together and the big draw in for us was going to be that we had the engraver there on site to engrave anything you wanted! Well the filter for said engraver decided it didn't want to work and we had to over night ship a new one from Texas for a whopping $3,500. Then when he arrived his computer was dead. So we ended up buying him a new one (+900). We were able to laugh at some of it but it did get to a point that I broke down and cried that so many things were going wrong. What should have been a 1.5 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive and we weren't able to set up our table till the next day.

The convention was a blast however. The first day was a little slow but as soon as people knew what we did and where to find us it really picked up! I had a lot of fun meeting new people (and return customers from last year!!!) also thank you to all my fellow artists who came by to chat and do trades, I love that so much! The Vendor staff is amazing (lookin at you FIReNVY and Trucker Pony!), I seriously can't stop complimenting them and how well they take care of their dealers!!! The only thing I was bummed about was the union folks. They seriously mistreated our items. They even turned the engraver on its side which you DONT DO. I hate that they wouldnt let us walk with them to be sure our items were safe. I hope next year we can have a little more freedom...

Aside from the draw backs I really had a great time! We are hoping FAU can help make up for our huge upfront costs, I would like to try and get my Dad to that one as well.

Huge thank you to
For helping me prep and sell at this con, would have been a much bumpier ride without them!
So now that I have had some sleep (forgot what that was like) I can write a review of this weekend...

Pre Reg day. Neo and I were scurrying to get the car packed, took lots of wrong turns but eventually!! We found the convention center. We go in and the reg line is like a ghost town. I thought for sure there would be a line going out and around the building but it was pretty neat!! We were like the 10th person in line but as soon as we got our badges we went to the dealers room or "Artist Acres" (cute name) and we were the first to go in!! It was so weird looking empty but we were so excited to set up. We get the basics set up and decide to do the rest the next day (SO TIRED) so we go to the bar for nom noms. We got there so early that we had to wait for our hotel buddies before checking in...then after they get their registration we are told our room was canceled. LET ME TELL YOU. You never want to hear those is so hard to try and get a room at a con once it starts...most times that means you have to go the nearest hotel 5 miles away and seeing as how we are dealers, NOT a good option. LUCKILY we knew some other people there who needed two people in their room (THANK YOU sheppymomma and logarthsheppy!!). While we were waiting the the lobby we had our things with us and people were actually looking at all our wares and wanting to buy right there in the lobby...CRAZY AWESOME! Made Neo and I excited~

First "official" day selling starts. I wasn't expecting anything that happened here. I thought a few sales here and there because I am not known in the Brony community. But wow, first day I actually started losing my voice a little because I did not stop talking to people who came to buy things from opening to close. I felt a little over whelmed but happy!! Even got some commissions for custom art!! That night we counted and figured we did so well that we would treat ourselves to room service :) TIME TO TOSS THE SPAGHETTI O'S.

Day two was almost EXACTLY like day one. Sold out of a lot of things that people were BEGGING me for. I ran out of my business cards (I had 200+ cards) Decided to try and make more of the foam cut outs for the last day since they did so well! This day just FLEW by for us...the whole weekend seems like a blur to be honest, we were working NON STOP with like...4-6 hours of sleep just to do it all again XD

Day 3, MUCH slower and people had to leave and dealers closed early (which is expected at most cons) but still made a good amount! We put a few things on sale that day and they started flying. In total I made about 3-4 times the amount I would at a furry con! CRAZY

I have to say...I was so nervous going into this. I only heard so many (weird)things about the Brony fandom and figured it wasn't for me and I was simply going to make money and test the waters. But out of all the conventions I have ever been to I have never met a nicer group of people. Besides our room trouble there was /no/ drama, and people from all over the world from ages 4-60 were coming by our table. The staff there was always checking on us to see if we needed anything or to help us. It was amazing to see, everyone was sweet and caring and I got so many compliments on my just wowed me. I hope that that fandom stays like that. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. And the fact that someone as unknown as I am in the community could sell as well as I did? <3 I am so happy thank you Bronycon for being awesome!

I have 2 weeks till FAU, gonna take a relax day for today though then get cranking on prep for that one! We will be selling leftovers from Bronycon there too so if you were interested in anything I had you may see it there :3
Hey guys!! Today is the day! My roommate and I are packing up and getting ready to go, we are both super nervous about this but hoping we do well! Thank you all for your support <3 Will be back on Monday but will most likely need come recovery time, just enough to gear up for FAU!!! *sobs*
I am offering $20 custom pony badges for pick up at Bronycon or for shipping, let me know if you're interested!!
Hey any of you all going? I will be dealing there and trying to get an idea of who all I will be seeing! I will have lots of pony stuff to sell! Premade AND custom made 83

New Style!

Tue Dec 20, 2011, 9:47 AM

Hey everyone!
Playing around with my subscription and trying to make my page look right so feedback is very much welcomed!

Just went through and deleted every journal since 2007...whole new Sciggles here :)

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