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Fruit Cups~ by Sciggles Fruit Cups~ by Sciggles
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I purchased my copy of Hashtag from foxamoore and peppercoyote at FAU this year and I love it! Fruit Cups is one of my favorite songs on the album, I think the idea is super adorable so I HAD to draw it! Please go support their amazing work by purchasing their album on bandcamp here!…

Link to song:…
Heʼs thinkinʼ itʼs cold
in the summer sun
walkinʼ around to find relief
from this lonely feeling
I can tell, heʼs a gentle soul
though few may believe it
I mean have you seen those teeth
my god he could hurt someone,
but all I see him havinʼ are the:

Pineapples and the strawberry shortcake
watermelon thinkinʼ oh for goodness sake
I should be shakinʼ but for him I donʼt bat an eye
how could he leave all of that fresh meat on a shelf
I guess heʼs eatinʼ fruit cups, only fruit cups and heʼs alright

Having a jaw that could crush your skull
can hardly be helpful when
trying to convince the creatures around
that youʼd rather sit down and have a
mixed salad for your dinner or lunch
while you enjoy their company
It seems those teeth are just for show
and I thought you ought to know
that all I see him with are (Chorus)

Ooh he doesnʼt say much
he donʼt laugh at me or nothin Tell me
what kind of hyena wouldnʼt be right there at your throat! (Solo) (Chorus)

You can download it via Bandcamp HERE:…
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